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Kila Hill Manufacturing

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Providing unsurpassed quality in contract machining services

Kila Hill Manufacturing provides unsurpassed quality in contract machining services.

Employing CNC and conventional equipment, we put 35 years and millions of parts experience to work for our customers, providing parts to many different industries, including aerospace, semiconductor, and sporting goods and fitness.



Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, we can provide parts nationwide for our customers.

We machine metals including exotics, and plastics. Employing CAD-CAM, CNC, and other up to date technologies, we mill, turn, grind, and finish parts to our customers' specifications.

Equipment includes horizontal and vertical machining centers, turning centers, conventional and toolroom type machines. More....


MAIN: (406) 756-0147
P: (406) 858-0350
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Kila Hill Manufacturing
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