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Kila Hill - Our Services

We machine metals including exotics, and plastics. Employing CAD-CAM, CNC, and other up to date technologies, we mill, turn, grind, and finish parts to our customers' specifications.

Equipment includes horizontal and vertical machining centers, turning centers, conventional and toolroom type machines.

"We also are highly experienced in machine tool rebuilding/rescraping/realigning for our own use as well as for our customers' needs."


Handscraping is not a lost art at Kila Hill Manufacturing.

As a derivative of this process, we also have developed a premium, proprietary process of resurfacing sealing surfaces in engine applications which we now offer to our customers, for high performance cylinder blocks and heads, and other critical sealing surfaces.

A highly accurate process that produces surfaces so flat and true, they can be used as master gages. A non-directional finish which produces an ideal gasket gripping surface. For use in racing engines, antiques, exotics, and other performance applications.

An additional advantage of this process is absolute minimal material removal, unlike machining processes. Only as much material as is needed to create a true surface is removed. A valuable feature for irreplaceable parts which may be ruined by machining processes.

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